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3 Areas Carpet Deep Cleaning

(up to 150 sqft each area)

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(Instead of $180)

- Limited Time Offer - 

- Exclusive to Las Vegas,

   Nevada Location 

Benefit of Hot Water Extraction

The benefits of carpet cleaning with hot water extraction:

1: Thorough and deeper cleaning.
2: Non-toxic and environment friendly.
3: residue free carpet cleaning.
4: Highly effective in removing odors such as smoke, pet odors, and deep-rooted smells.
5: High temperature water kills germs, and bacteria.
6: Improves indoor air quality by removing particles trapped in the carpet fibers.

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Our Service

The appearance and feel of your home improve dramatically when your carpets are clean. We have years of experience in carpet steam cleaning with truck mounted equipment, professional tools, and techniques at All Pro Carpet Steamers. No matter what carpeting material you have, our carpet cleaning technicians can easily remove stains from food, pets, or foot traffic, as well as malodor and deep down dirt.

All Pro Carpet Steamers is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We understand that there are numerous carpet cleaning companies in Las Vegas to choose from, which is why we approach each job as an opportunity to demonstrate that we are the best of the best. We are committed to staying ahead of the competition, whether commercial or residential, by providing you with:

Superior customer service

Competitive prices

Quality products and cleaning solutions

Honest opinions and professional advice

Customized cleaning services

The Difference

SLIDE to see the difference

All Pro Carpet Steamers

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Who We Are

6415 S Fort Apache Rd Unit #185 Las Vegas, NV 89148

All Pro Carpet Steamers is dedicated to cleaning the carpets, dryer vents, tile, rugs, air ducts, and upholstery of homes and businesses in Las Vegas, NV. With years of carpet cleaning experience, we consider ourselves cleaning experts and take pride in providing the best carpet cleaning services in the Las Vegas, NV area. We have refined and perfected our carpet cleaning techniques over the years. Our commitment to providing excellent customer service means that we will not leave a job until it is completed flawlessly, and this perfectionism and commitment to our customers’ satisfaction has been the source of our success in Las Vegas, NV.

Carpets and rugs contribute to the welcoming atmosphere of a home or business. Carpets and rugs, on the other hand, are much more prone to wear than other types of flooring and can be significantly more difficult to clean. After all, you can’t sweep and mop a carpet, and a vacuum cleaner won’t remove all of the dirt and contaminants. Professional carpet cleaning is required to keep your carpets in good condition. All Pro Carpet Steamers is a carpet cleaning company in Las Vegas, NV that works in both residential and commercial settings. Contact your carpet cleaning professionals today if you want to ensure that your carpets are as clean as possible. We will gladly schedule an appointment or simply answer any questions you may have.

What our customers say

KC Marie

We have been using this carpet cleaning company for 4 years now. Their prices are reasonable and results are always great. Always good communications and they pay attention to details. Best carpet cleaner in las vegas!

Marjory Frederic

We have 7 year old twins and a six year old bonus baby. Our carpets need Jesus and his brothers….well, praise the Lord because our carpets came out spectacular! Levon & Chris did an outstanding job. Professional &  courteous, delivering a quality service.

Rachel Ziko

Chris and Levon are awesome, this is the fourth time I have used this company. They're the best, call them, they know what they're doing. You won't be disappointed!

How To Book


Click the BOOK NOW  button at the bottom of the page

Choose the date and time for your appointment (limited  spots are available)

By Phone

Call us by clicking here (702) 800-9616  and one of our representatives will assist you with your booking.

You are all set!

One of our representatives will call you to confirm your appointment, and to answer any questions you may have.

What To Expect

A good carpet cleaning services can transform your home and relieve stress. Our process is about transparency, so we provide constant communication with our customers until the job is done. If you have questions, concerns or anything we can answer, just drop us a line.


How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Carpet takes about 4-6 hours to dry when the soil level is not too bad. In severe cases when the carpet is very soiled, multiple rinses will be required. In this case it can take up to 12 hours to dry. Turning on the AC at cold temperature and opening some windows can help the carpet dry faster.

What equipment do you use?

We use truck mounted system. We also use as a backup a portable extractor in case our truck mount system can not reach the apartment.

What cleaning methods do you use?

We use steam cleaning (aka Hot water extraction)

How do I prepare for my appointment?

  1. Make sure water and power are turned on.

  2. Vacuum the carpeted areas.

  3. Pick up small objects and light weight furniture off the carpet.

  4. Tuck in bedsheets under the mattress.

  5. Pick up draperies off the floor.

  6. Do not treat any stains yourself with store bought cleaning products.

  7. Secure pets and kids away from the cleaning area

Are the cleaning solutions you use safe for pets / children?

Yes. We use biodegradable cleaning solutions.
These cleaning solutions are safe for your pets and family

Is there a difference between carpet cleaning companies?

Yes. Some carpet cleaning companies use a cleaning method of steam cleaning and others use dry cleaning method. Another difference is in the process and steps of the cleaning.

Do you move furniture?

Yes. We move light weight furniture like small coffee table.




Only $94.99 

(Instead Of $180)

- Limited Time Offer - 


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